Emergency: Dial 911

Emergency: Dial 911

Volunteer With Us!

For Healthcare Providers

(MD, DO, ARNP, NP, PA, Dentistry, and Mental Health)

For Medical: We are always seeking additional healthcare providers to help us make our clinic days possible. Our providers typically are currently employed by other local practices or are retired - in all cases, we require that the provider can provide proof of active credentials in their field.

Our medical specialities typically cover family medicine/general practice/internal medicine and some also bring urgent care or emergency experience as well. We truly value your time - we only ask that you consider signing up for 1-2 clinics a month or as many as you'd like to. We often have 1-2 providers per clinic and use currently paper charting. We usually have 2-6 clinical volunteers that we train for basic check-in procedures (vitals, cheif complaint). Many of our other clinical volunteers are pre-medicine students at Central Washington University or medical students at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences and are always eager to learn and shadow as available. We do not ask for on-call times or require any time outside of whatever time you are able to donate to the clinic.

Most of our patients are low-acuity, and often less than 10 patients so you have time to spend with your patients, time to catch up on other work, time to help teach the other volunteers, or however you see fit. As we continue to grow, we may see an increase in patient numbers in the future. We offer our clinics at Ellensburg and Cle Elum - you can pick whichever or both as you prefer!

For Dentisry: We are currently seeking dentists, dental assistants and a facility or mobile clinic in our area! We have historically offered 2-3 dental clinic days per year alternating between Cle Elum and Ellensburg - we'd love to increase those days as time and resources allow.

For Mental Health: We are seeking licensed mental health providers for occasional visits. We often have low patient demand, although as we recruit more providers we will be able to make more internal referrals.

To volunteer with us: Please contact us directly by email or phone and we will get in touch right away!

For Medical Students

We welcome students from Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. We offer extensive supervised hands-on experience working with our DO, MD, NP, and PA providers. We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive organization within, and for all our community. If you would like to make sure you will be able to work with a physician, please contact us ahead of time so that we can verify our schedules with you as the providers are not always working the same clinic days.

To volunteer with us: Please contact us directly by email or phone and we will get in touch right away!

Other Clinical Volunteering

We are happy to take community and CWU student volunteers to help out in our clinics. Medical experience is preferred, but not required. Medical Spanish translation is incredibly important and we desperately need those who can speak and translate basic medical/anatomical terminology as many of our patients prefer or are only Spanish-speaking.

Our clinical volunteers typically rotate between the front, managing patient sign-ins and pulling records as well as in the patient care area doing basic vital signs, recording the cheif complaints of our patients, documenting, and relaying visit information to the providers.

To volunteer with us: Show up to any of our Ellensburg clinics - feel free to check with us in advance by email or Facebook messenger (link at top-right of page). Please not that all clinic volunteers must dress in professional attire (neckties not required). You do not need to buy your own supplies, however most volunteers eventually purchase their own stethoscope and a reliable wristwatch.

Non-Clinical Volunteering

If you would like to help the free clinic but are not interested in the patient care aspect, we are always happy to have volunteers for fundraisers and other events througout the year. If you are interested, please contact us by email.